Bay Area Elopement

Pricing for 2023

One of the amazing things about marriage is you get to spend the rest of your life with the person that means the most to you and start a new adventure together that is unique to you. You bring together families (whether chosen, given or furry) and create a new community of people/pets who now exist together through you.

That is magic.

What is an Elopement?

An elopement can be whatever you want it to be. It’s waking up before the sun rises to say your vows on top of Mt. Tamalpais. It’s hiking through the Santa Cruz Mountains to get to that super special location you first hiked together. It’s bringing your family to an amazing view to witness your marriage. It’s having your close friends hang out at an AirBnB with you while you all get ready. Having them there to witness your vows among the redwoods trees, on a rocky beach, or in the rolling golden (sometimes green) hills in the East Bay. The beauty of an elopement is that the options are limitless and defined completely by you and your partner! Get married in a place that makes your heart sing!

Hi! I’m Katelyn

A cat loving (obsessed) elopement photographer who will work with you to make your day super unique and special! I will be your champion, cheerleader, friend, planner, and sharer of cat (pet) photos. I celebrate quirks, unique stories, and your choices to get married the way you want to.

I fell in love with elopements and intimate small weddings when planning for my own wedding. While I love the parties that I have been able to photograph over the years I keep hearing my couples say I wish we had just eloped or had a smaller wedding where we could spend more time with the guests invited.

I decided that I wanted to have a small but full experience with my partner and our families. Something that we could all bond together, somewhere beautiful, breathtaking and meaningful to the two of us. I realized that a traditional day just wasn’t for me (and my nerves). You can still have things that you want, like a first dance, friends present, a gorgeous yummy dinner without having the things you just don’t vibe with. It’s amazing and freeing!

Your day is more than just photos and I am more than just a photographer

I am here to…

  • Be your biggest fan and help you have an amazing and relaxing time. I want you to feel gorgeous (because you are) and comfortable in front of the camera, I will do everything in my power to make that happen!
  • Give you permission to be your weird self. Have a crazy idea? I want to hear it and be a part of it!
  • Be your timeline expert! When is sunset? I got you. What time should my ceremony be? I got you. How long for family photos? Dude, I got you!
  • Remind you to relax, take in the moment and your surroundings. Your experience is more important than anything.
  • Help you with that pesky boutineer! I promise I have never stabbed anyone but myself with a needle.
  • Help with your dress! I can help button, zip, bustle and de nature your dress.
  • Bring extra snacks and supplies. No one is hangry on my watch.
  • Share cat photos. I can’t help it.

Bay Area Pricing 2023

Counties Include:

San Francisco


Contra Costa

Santa Clara

San Mateo




Solano + More

All Packages Include:

  • Location scouting and recommendations
    Feeling overwhelmed with all the location options for your ceremony? I am here to help! Together we can narrow down the list to places that are meaningful, gorgeous, or just plain exciting to get married at. You aren’t alone in this!
  • Timeline planning and guidance on permits
    Not sure what time to have your ceremony? When you should start getting ready? When you have time for food? Do we need a permit? What is allowed? These are all things we can cover!
  • Comprehensive questionnaires to cover all of the day of details and what is most important to you
    I use these to help us find the perfect ceremony location, plan out permits, find fun activities and create the final timeline!
  • Online gallery of all the edited photos from you amazing elopement day!
    Beautiful gallery to download, print and share with family and friends (and a fun sneak peek within 1 week)
  • Terrible “Dad” jokes, snacks, and a super fun time

2 Day- $6000

What’s Included?

Up to 16 hours of coverage
16 hours of coverage to tell your complete wedding day story and have the ability to hit up some extra awesome spots the next day! This can include everything on your wedding day from start to finish, coffee to champange pops, with an additional day to explore the area, take an adventurous helicopter day trip or even camp out over night to stargaze and see the sunrise. We can split this evenly over two days or have a 12 hour day and a 4 hour adventure the next day. This option has the most flexibility and options to have an adventure while still having time with your guests (if you have any)
Permit Guidance/Help
In addition to permit guidance I will also cover the photography permit up to $150. Different locations have different permit requirements and we will go over all of this once we decide on a location.

Full Day- $4500

What’s Included?

Up to 12 hours of coverage
12 hours of coverage to tell your complete wedding day story! This can include getting ready, first look, your awesome ceremony, any fun activities like hiking, kayaking, tubing, snowshoeing, helicopter rides etc, celebratory drinks, meals and dessert! We can also split this over 2 days with 8 hours for your elopement/wedding day and 4 hours the next day just the two of you.
Permit Guidance/Help
In addition to permit guidance I will also cover the photography permit up to $100. Different locations have different permit requirements and we will go over all of this once we decide on a location.

8 Hours- $3000

What’s Included?

8 hours of coverage
8 hours of coverage to tell most of your wedding day story! This is enough time to cover some getting ready, first look, traveling to your awesome ceremony site, the beautiful ceremony, fun photos of just the two of you, some activities and celebrations!
Permit Guidance/Help
In addition to permit guidance I will also cover the photography permit up to $75. Different locations have different permit requirements and we will go over all of this once we decide on a location.

Bride and groom kissing at sunset with beach in the background

6 Hours- $2250

What’s Included?

6 hours of coverage
This is a great starting place if you are unsure of how many hours you need! We can always add on hours if needed. Depending on what you have planned for the day this can cover the tail end of getting ready, the first look, your epic ceremony, portraits and any group photos and a fun cheers at the end!
Permit Guidance/Help
In addition to permit guidance I will also cover the photography permit up to $50. Different locations have different permit requirements and we will go over all of this once we decide on a location.

Half Day- $1700

What’s Included?

4 hours of coverage
4 hours is the minimum I recommend for your elopement/wedding. This will cover a little bit of getting ready, your ceremony, and portraits. Anything less than 4 hours I have found feels rushed and you don’t really get to enjoy and experience the day.

Wait there’s more! You can add on…

  • A second photographer – $800 for 8 hours
    If your wedding has a lot of guests or you are getting ready in different locations, I highly recommend adding another photographer. Hours will correlate with package booked.
  • An adventure/engagement session – Starting at $700
    This is a great option if you want to have photos for a save the date, get used to being photographed and have some extra awesome photos of the two of you in an awesome location! Price is listed for 2 hours but we can definitely do longer if you need it.
  • Day after session- starting at $700
    I am a huge fan of day after sessions. If your wedding day is tight timewise and you would rather have more focus on your guests, or you just have another epic location in mind, then we can plan a couples portrait session the day after. It’s a great way to have less stress on your wedding day.

Have more questions?

Do you only photograph elopements?

I love the intimacy and adventure of elopements but I do also shoot weddings as well. I specialize in outdoor weddings and outdoor spaces but I am open to any kind of wedding. As long as you are getting married the way you want to, I am down to document it!

Why would we book full day elopement coverage?

Usually when building timelines for couples, we start to realize that we need more time. With a full day elopement I can get there when you are getting ready and showcase all the meaningful details you two might have. Heirloom jewelry, vow books, wedding clothes. I can photograph the separate moments of the two of you getting ready that you wouldn’t get to see if it wasn’t documented. We can schedule a meaningful first look. This timing includes the travel time it takes from where you are getting ready to your ceremony location. If we are hiking we can stop along the way to take photos and have fun. It really makes the day less stressful to be on a super strict timeline. We can spend more time at your ceremony location or we can go to more amazing spots to take photos or have a picnic. I promise it’s not an all day photo shoot. This gives us the ability to enjoy the space we are in at a leisurely pace, with photo moments in between.

I treat an elopement with as much reverence as a wedding. An elopement is not less meaningful, less important, or less anything. When you book me to photograph your elopement, you are not just getting a photographer. I am there to help you with extensive location suggestions, timeline building, vendor recommendations and so much more.

If we elope can we still invite friends and family?

Absolutely! We can find locations that allow more people, that are grandparent friendly, that are easier to access. My whole philosophy is that you get to have your wedding day be as you want it. You should have who you want to be there, if that is your family, great! If that includes your closest friends, awesome! If you only want the two of you, fantastic! Your elopement should be for the two of you, with no shame, judgment, pushiness from anyone else.

Do we have to hike for our elopement(or engagement photos)?

Nope! Not a requirement. When you book we will talk about potential ceremony locations and what the two of you are up to. If you want to keep it at a driveable area, keep the hiking to under a mile, or whatever you are concerned about, we will make sure that you both are comfortable and confident on the day of.

Do we need to hire an Officiant?

This depends on where you are getting married and how you want the day to be. In some states like Colorado you can self solemnize your wedding and your dog can even be a witness (how cool is that?!). Most states like California need an officiant and a witness to sign your marriage license. If you want something super personal you can always do the paperwork another day and read your vows together on your elopement day. Your officiant can also be friends or family.

Do you work with a second photographer?

It really depends on the size of your wedding. I work solo quite a bit since a lot of my weddings/elopements are on the smaller side but there are definitely times where I recommend a second photographer. If you are getting ready in completely separate locations and want photos of both of you, if you want someone to cover the cocktail hour while you do photos. I am a really active photographer. I can get a lot of different variety and angles by myself but I can only be in one spot at a time. Once I hear more about your wedding I can let you know if I recommend a second photographer or not!

What is an adventure session?

An adventure session is a portrait session with you and your fiance, significant other, spouse out in nature with some epic views. This isn’t limited to people that are engaged, some couples do this for an anniversary session or just because they want beautiful photos in a gorgeous location. These sessions are usually 2 hours or more and super fun! We can be as adventurous as you want to be. I don’t book adventure sessions as elopements or vow readings because your day deserves more time and intent than that.

Can we meet before booking?

Yes! If you are local to the San Francisco bay area, or have a time where you are visiting, I would love to meet up with you and your partner to see if we are a good fit! If you live out of state or country then I am more than happy to hop on a video chat so that we can e-meet beforehand. Meeting in person is not a requirement but I really recommend at least a phone call so that you can really get a sense of who I am and what I offer to make the best decision for the two of you.

Do you make custom packages?

  1. Most of my couples have ended up with a custom package. I have starting prices listed here but I can really give you a better idea of what the price will be once I know more about your day and what your needs are. I will never try to sell you on more than you need, it’s not fair to you and quite frankly it’s not great for me either. I don’t have any hidden fees, so once you decide on what you want that is the cost. If you book and decide that you need more time we can always add on another hour or two. 

What if you have never been to our venue or ceremony location?

This is a great question as there are so many venues, outdoor spaces, and Parks it would be impossible to have been to all of them. For weddings at a venue, in addition to doing extensive research I will coordinate with your venue manager to do a site visit before your wedding to get an idea of all the best spots for portraits and family photos. For an elopement, I will do extensive research on trails, parking, and views and have a plan B for any inclement weather.

Do you travel?

Of course! I love exploring new places and experiencing new cultures. I am available for travel and all of my packages include travel fees!

How many hours of photography do we need?

This is really determined by how much you want to do on your day. I really love getting ready photos and always recommend you have them. It really eases you into the day and gets you used to having a camera around. They are also lovely ways to start the storytelling process. How many hours you need is also determined by how much we are going to need to hike, drive, or change locations. For a wedding timing will be determined by what things you want covered and any time constraints at your venue. I am here to help recommend what I think would make a great less stressful experience. If you have set hours in mind I can make up a timeline to show what we can accomplish.

What is the turnaround time for the images?

In a week after your wedding day I will get you a sneak peek that you can share with friends and family. About 8 weeks after that you will receive your full gallery of images!

How will receive the photos?

I deliver all the photos via an online gallery, you will receive a shareable link with a download code. Your engagement/adventure session, sneak peek, and wedding day will all be in one spot. I leave the galleries up and available for 6 months and back them up for at least 1 year.

What are the next steps?

  1. Schedule your call
    We will get to know each other, ask all our questions and make sure we vibe well together! If you think we will be a good fit (read: really good vibes) then I will send over a contract to sign.
  2. Contract signed. Yay! You’re all booked
    Once the contract is all signed and the retainer paid your date is officially booked! From here I will send you a couple of questionnaires to get to know you both better and start working on locations and timelines.
  3. Let’s start planning
    I will help you plan the best timeline for your day and amkes sure I apture all of the things that are the most important to you. We will work together to choose the perfect location and get all of the details ironed out.
  4. Wedding day
    This is the best part, where all fo the hard work and details come together. You get to say your vows, get married, maybe a little kissing, and have an absolutely AWESOME day!