Yay! This is SOOOOOOOOO exciting!

Thank you so much for contacting me! I can’t wait to connect with you, hear about your plans and get this party started!

Just because technology can sometimes fail, if you don’t hear from me in 2 days please contact me at katelyn@katelyntuckerphotography.com.

I am definitely biased here, but I really love the thought of having a wedding day captured from getting ready to roasting smores.

I notoriously have the worst long term memory in my family and rely heavily on old photographs to help me remember. This is why I treat every elopement and wedding with the utmost importance. I work hard to capture your day as if I was capturing my best friends day or how I would want my day covered.

How you choose to get married is important, having great photographs and memories of how you chose to get married is important as well.

So… What happens next?

Bride and groom before Indian ceremony at winery in Pleasanton

1. I will email you within 48 hours. However on weekends I am usually pretty booked and sometimes out of cell service so I will respond when I get home!

2. Next we will schedule a call or a meeting with both of you present (if possible). I believe it’s super important for you both to feel comfortable with your photographer. We are there for the most intimate moments of your day and it would be really sad if you felt uncomfortable the whole time!

3. If you decide we are a good fit and want to move forward I will send over a contract. Once the contract is signed and the deposit paid we are all good to start planning!

4. Depending on our timeframe I will send out a few questionnaires to get to know you a bit better, help find locations if you are eloping, schedule engagement sessions, help with the day of timeline.

5. Once everything is planned we all show up, have an EPIC time, and you two get married (yay!).

Extra Info!

*In case you need more things to distract you from work

Whew! Now that’s all taken care of…

Let’s be friends on Instagram!

@Ktuckerphoto for more elopement and wedding images or if you want more cat photos and more personal life you can see that here @Bunjees. Not gonna lie, it’s mostly cat photos, but they are so darn cute I can’t help it.