Morning Elopement on Mt. Tamalpais: A Love Story Full of Avocados and Adventure

There’s something utterly magical about a morning elopement. Typically you will have the location to yourself or at least share with a small handful of other early morning people. It is an incredibly calming time with soft light and filled with hope for how the day will go! These are the reasons S + N chose Mt. Tamalpais as the perfect backdrop for their day. Both avid trail runners, S + N knew Mt. Tam likes the back of their hands. This mountain held a special place in their hearts as did Muir Woods, where we would later go for some fun photos. But let’s rewind to the start of their unique journey (this is where the avocados come in)

Morning Elopement on Top of a Mountain


It was a perfect morning and surprisingly great weather. If you are familiar with the Bay Area you know how finicky the weather is (Hello Karl!). I met N at the gate and waited for them to be unlocked. We talked over the plan one more time over coffee, that N graciously brought from home. Once the gates were opened we made our way up to the East Peak to wait for S to be driven there by her father. S + N decided to spend the night apart and in true adventurous spirit, they hiked up the mountain in silence together, saving their first words for their vows. 

As we hiked up the Mt. Tam’s East Peak we stopped along the way to take in the gorgeous views, S+N walking together and making silly faces at each other all in silence. All we heard were the birds singing, the wind blowing, and our footsteps as we moved up the mountain.


Once at the top they decided to split their ceremony into two separate breathtaking locations where each would say their vows. On one side S read her vows as a stunning cloud inversion created an ethereal scene, while N read his vows bathed in full morning sunshine. Their vows were full of heartfelt promises, a few memories and jokes and as a surprise they each included and sang verses from their favorite songs. It was a beautiful, harmonious coincidence that added an extra layer of intimacy to their already special day.

After their ceremony, and now able to speak fully, we hiked around looking at all the sights, basking in the morning light, and taking some fun and silly photos. I highly recommend checking out this spot and exploring the whole area. Each view is stunning and there are so many little different treasures to find.


After exploring the east peak, we made our way to Muir Woods. Among the towering redwoods, they had some fun taking photos, capturing their love and the joy of their elopement. And of course, they brought along their iconic avocado outfits, which they wear to every costume party. There are so many life events from their relationship that have to do with avocados. These outfits have quickly become a symbol of their love, they even got married on National Avocado Day.

The day was filled with laughter, quirky moments, and plenty of dance breaks. S and N stayed true to themselves, making their elopement a celebration of their unique love story. It was a day full of fun, adventure, and, of course, avocados. I loved every moment of it, and I am so grateful to have been a part of their incredible journey

Morning elopements like this remind us that love is about being true to ourselves and sharing those genuine moments with the ones we cherish most.

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