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Daly City Tea Ceremony- L+H Wedding

Hold on folks! This wedding is going to be a two parter!

L+H decided to celebrate their love and different cultures in two separate ceremonies on two separate days. First ceremony was to honor L’s Chinese heritage with a tea ceremony and include H’s family from the Netherlands in the tradition. It was beautiful, fun (lots of door games) and meaningful to see both families come together.

The morning started off with L getting ready with her closest friends, looking drop dead gorgeous I might add. After some quick dress fixes for some of the bridesmaids and some photos we headed to L’s house to meet up with the boys for some hilarious door games.

I have photographed a few door games before and I love that all of them have been different. From doing shots of mystery liquids ( soy sauce, fish sauce, water etc.) To having the boys team up to pop balloons without using their hands it’s always a fun time. This time around the guys had to pass and Orange without using their hands, sing a song for L and then H had to answer tricky questions about their dating history (make sure to study up). Super fun to document and be a part of. My favorite moment is when H is thinking really hard to remember the answer to a question and you see him wringing his hands a bit. Luckily he passed with flying colors!

Once H completed all tasks, gave all the money, and answered all the questions correctly he was able to see L for the first time that day. He says it was all worth it in the end just to see how lovely she looked!

After all the door games, L’s family prepared the tea and space for the tea ceremony. It’s such a wonderful tradition surrounded by generations of family giving you blessings and gifts while honoring the people who came before you.

I have had couples have their tea ceremonies the day before, the morning of, during the ceremony, and after the ceremony. It’s definitely important to celebrate your wedding day how you want and include aspects you deem important. It’s up to you when and if to include traditions, I am a firm believer of your wedding your way!

Later after a deliciously abundant lunch L switched dresses and we headed out to Golden Gate Park to do some wedding party and couples photos. I absolutely love the contrast of L’s red dress to the greenery of Golden Gate Park. They were all smiles, and maybe a few low key butt grabs.

We then travelled back down the peninsula for their banquet event, filled with more games, dancing and yummy decadent food!

I will be posting L+H’s second wedding in a bit so keep an eye out!


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