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Magical Jug Handle Creek Farm Wedding

M+S’s wedding at the Jug Handle Creek Farm near Fort Bragg was absolutely magical and serene and lovely and all the positive adjectives you can think of! You might recognize these two from my wedding portfolio. Trust me there are so many more amazing moments from this day that I had to share some extras.

The day started off overcast and cozy and the big red house on the Jug Handle Creek Farm property. This house is such a great spot to get ready and it is multi level so you and your boo can get ready in the same building and still not see each other until you are ready! It really made you want to snuggle up with a cup of tea and just exist. M+S got ready separately and undocumented to enjoy the moments with loved ones. I arrived and was able to capture some candid moments of friends and family having coffee and getting excited to celebrate the day. The wonderful thing about this place is that your guests can all stay on property, either in the additional cabins/buildings or camping. If you have any guests that want more of a hotel experience Fort Bragg is not far away at all and there are some cute places to stay there as well!

I would have to say that the words low key and relaxed really describe the moments before their ceremony which took place across the road on the bluffs overlooking the Jug Handle Beach. Their hashtag #marriedontheedgeofacontinent was super fitting for the AMAZING views we were all treated to that day!

M+S walked in along with their parents and settled in front of a semi circle of love. Almost exactly when M+S were saying their vows the clouds opened up and rays of sunlight started streaming through. It was as if mother nature herself was blessing the union (this is where the magic comes in)! Epic cannot begin to describe how even more amazing the scene was with the soft sounds of the ocean in the background.

Later, nestled in the woods back on the Jug Handle Creek Farm, the reception was so peaceful. With mismatched wooden chairs, long tables, and market lights, the dinner settings were charming, quirky and so fitting for the atmosphere. After dinner guests danced the night away, or snuggled up on the outdoor couches by the firepit to keep warm. It was without a doubt a perfect end to an incredibly beautiful day spent almost entirely outside!

Make sure to scroll down to the end to see M’s dress hem. If you are a fan of Pride and Prejudice, Mr. Bingley’s sisters would for sure have made a comment. M’s reaction is exactly as it should be, it’s the result of a day and dress well loved and lived in!

If you are interested in going to Jug Handle Creek Farm, the Jug Handle Beach, or Fort Bragg for your wedding or elopement let me know! It is an absolutely gorgeous property and Fort Bragg is super close by. I am always excited to be back up that way and I know a ton of great photo spots on the Jug Handle Creek Farm property!


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