Stow Lake Engagement Session

One of the best things about an engagement shoot is getting to choose a place that is not only STUNNING but meaningful as well. K+P have enjoyed Golden Gate Park and more specifically Stow Lake since moving to the Bay Area.  It was the perfect choice for their engagement photos with their lovely dog Phoebe. She looks like a white fluffy teddy bear and is so sweet! One thing I love bonding about with my couples is a mutual love for animals and these two not only have miss Phoebe but also have been raising generations of hamsters, how adorable is that? 

We had so much fun at Stow Lake that we walked the whole way around the interior. We even walked some of the perimeter to go see the Geese and the little baby goslings. Did you know that Geese hiss by the way? It’s hilarious but also a little intimidating. 

Photographing in Golden Gate Park is amazing because there are so many options.  I have done a few engagement sessions and bridal portraits there and have rarely hit the same spot twice.  I love the adventure of starting in one area of the park and just exploring through all the paths photographing everything magical along the way!  Before a shoot I always scout ahead and have particular spots I have in mind to but I also love hearing suggestions from my couples on new places they have discovered in the park. 

P.S Please always bring your animal friends to shoots with me, I absolutely love it! I seriously can’t wait to see these two say I DO in late July!


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